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Learn about micelle technology– the revolutionary, patented scientific breakthrough that increases nutrient absorbtion up to 90%.

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Learn about micelle technology– the revolutionary, patented scientific breakthrough that increases nutrient absorbtion up to 90%.

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Super Omega Plus

Omega GoPack 150x150 Products

Super Omega Plus offers a proprietary formula of krill oil blended with Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins D and E. Together, these super nutrients achieve optimal protection and restoration of cells in your body, reduce inflammation and give your body the right power on time, all while allowing your body to relax.

Energy Plus

Energy GoPack 150x150 Products

Viz Energy Plus helps you perform at your peak level, whether you are exercising or engaged in the never-ending demands of a busy day. Energy Plus is a unique blend of ingredients that work together to provide energy to the cells of your body and help to create and maintain your muscle strength. And VizPur technology ensures that the key nutrients in Energy Plus are water-soluble and bio-available.

Cleanse Plus

Cleanse GoPack 150x150 Products

Viz Cleanse Plus helps to rejuvenate your metabolism. It normalizes and balances your digestive tract to prevent inflammation, irritation and constipation through a blend of valuable natural ingredients.

Men’s Complete Vitamins

Mens GoPack 150x150 Products

Viz Men’s Complete is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, featuring VizPur technology for optimal absorption. Men’s Complete is a great tasting liquid nutritional product that has been formulated for daily use and multiple servings to feed the body and provide strength to your organs and cells.


Women’s Complete Vitamins

Womens GoPack 150x150 Products

Viz Women’s Complete is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, featuring VizPur technology for optimal absorption. Women’s Complete is a great tasting liquid nutritional product that has been formulated for daily use and multiple servings to feed the body and provide strength to your organs and cells.

Viz Essential Oils

oil bottle e1366764827379 150x150 Products

Viz Essential oils are all therapeutic-grade, and are organic or wild-crafted and steam distilled. They have gone through extensive testing such as: Gas Chromatograms, Refractive Index, Optical Rotation, and Specific Gravity to name a few. These tests assure there are no pesticide or herbicide residue levels in order to insure that we source only the highest quality oils from the most dependable sources to provide the most effective and safe essential oils.

my story 1024x542 My Story

Hello! My name is Maraika, and I’m a working mother of three. I run a life-coaching practice with my husband, do a lot of community and church volunteer work, and lead a very active social life. I enjoy my family and my life very much, and I look forward to every day as a new opportunity to meet challenges and achieve my goals.

But as you can imagine, this kind of fast-paced, hectic life can take a toll. When you’re juggling coaching sessions, meetings and calendar commitments on top of karate practice, you need to have a clear head so you can prioritize and handle whatever comes your way. When you don’t have the energy to handle these things, life quickly becomes overwhelming. In my case, I became depressed, gained weight, and the time I did get to spend between my sheets was often more stressful than restful as I stared up at the ceiling, next day’s schedule already whirling through my head. Most people would have either started taking Xanax or cut down on their schedules in an attempt to cope with the stress.

But I refused to accept the fact that I would have to give up things I enjoy doing just because I didn’t have the energy I needed to do them.

I’ve never been a big believer in drugs or chemicals—not after seeing the dangerous effects they wreak on the human body.  The way I saw it, our ancestors had the strength and energy to chase after mammoths while dodging saber-toothed tigers, and they didn’t need to pop pills or take naps in the middle of the day. Surely with the technological advances of today, I could make leaps and bounds over them.

Of course, the biggest difference between our ancestors and us is that they ate their food fresh off the vine (or bone), and most of us get our food from the supermarket, where it has had plenty of time to sit and lose nutrients. Some fruits and vegetables you buy have already lost up to 70% of the vital nutrients your body needs by the time they hit your dinner table.

As far as I could see, the two options I had were to either grow my own food fresh, or start supplementing my meals with the nutrients my body so desperately needed. I couldn’t see how to fit gardening into my already hectic schedule, so I decided to go with supplements, and hit the shelves of my nearest Vitamin Shoppe.

I spent many years picking up bottle after bottle, lured in by the persuasive tag lines that promised instant energy and the metabolism of a teenage boy, and tossing them in the trash can with disappointment weighing me down like lead boots. It wasn’t that the supplements weren’t doing anything, because they were. I would feel an increase in my energy level, and sometimes I would drop a few pounds. But they weren’t living up to the results I was expecting. Why was my energy flagging only a few hours after taking the product? Why wasn’t my metabolism speeding up the way it was supposed to? Why weren’t my aches and pains going away? And why did I have to take three times the recommended amount to get any kind of satisfactory effect? Was there something wrong with my body?

As it turned out, there was something wrong with my body—in fact, the same thing that is wrong with your body, and everyone who has a human body!

Do you remember learning in grade-school science class that approximately 75% of the human body is made up of water? Well, because of this, it is extremely difficult for the human body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and minerals—essentials like Vitamins E, A, D, Co-Enzyme Q10 and more. Trying to get your body to absorb these vitamins in capsule form is like stirring a bottle of oil into a jug of water—no matter how hard you try, the water won’t absorb the oil. The human body works exactly the same way, and because of this, about 90-95% of fat-soluble nutrients pass through your body and are ejected as waste.

So, that $35 bottle of vitamins you bought last week? You’ll get about $3.50 of your money’s worth out of it, if you’re lucky. More like $1.75. Yes, I know. I was pretty upset too, when I found out!

And then, I was introduced to a game-changing breakthrough: Micelle Technology


A friend of mine invited me down to an event down in Orange County—an event, he said, which would change my life. The event was held by a man named Rick Redford, one of the founders of a company called Viz. He explained to us that his company had developed a new technology called VizPur, which surrounds the molecules of fat-soluble nutrients with little water-loving cages called micelles. Naturally produced by the human body, micelles enable us to absorb fat-soluble nutrients. Good fats are encased by these little “water cages”, which then swim through your digestive system—a water-based environment. Then, when these micelles come into contact with your intestinal wall, they release their content, which is then directly absorbed and transported through your system to the vital organs that need them.

However, natural micelles can only cover the regular needs of your body—that is to say, they are meant to be used to help digest whole foods, not supplements. To make matters worse, your body produces less and less of these micelles as you get older. This explains why your metabolism slows down and you have less energy as you age. It also explains why you’ve been feeling like the supplements you’ve been taking aren’t working. It’s not that you were taking the wrong supplements—just in the wrong form.

Of course, I was still somewhat skeptical. After all, I had been trying supplements for years without seeing much of a benefit, and I was starting to become jaded about ever finding any product that lived up to its hype. Not to mention that I’d tried liquid supplements before and they usually taste pretty terrible. I decided to give it a try, and so I ordered the Cleanse-Plus and the Daily Vitamins. And, for good measure, I put my husband and daughter on it too, just to see how it would affect different body types and ages.

The energizing effects were immediate—I noticed a difference within a few minutes of taking the product, which lasted well throughout the day and into the evening.

I also started sleeping much more deeply, and through the entire night— something that hasn’t happened more than a handful of times throughout the last ten years. And, to my pleasant surprise, I found that the vitamins had a very smooth, slightly sweet taste—not the least bit acidic or bitter!

Some of the changes were more gradual. My daughter, Sabrina, had been struggling for a long time with an iron deficiency that was resulting in huge amounts of hair loss. Not long after we started taking Viz, she noticed that she was losing less and less hair, and now the problem is completely handled. A few weeks ago, my husband was dismantling our Christmas tree and realized that his wrists and joints, which had been troubling him for a long time, were completely pain-free! This was only after just a few weeks of using Viz!

As for me, I had been dealing with stiffness in my knees and other ligaments that made it hard for me to hold certain positions and do certain exercises. One of my problems was not being able to sit on the floor for long periods of time, which caused quite a backlog of filing as my filing cabinet is very close to the ground. But after a few weeks, I was feeling pretty limber, and eyeing the growing stack of filing, decided to give it a shot. I sat on the floor for a full hour, and when I got to my feet again, I was pain-free. That may not sound like much to you, but for me, it was a miracle!

Oh, and the four inches I lost off my waistline through the Christmas season didn’t hurt either. That’s right, you heard me—the Christmas season! And I didn’t skip a single dish or dessert to do it.

Are YOU ready to get started?


I honestly can’t imagine going back to the way I was before. In my old life, I was always stressed out, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to think through the exhaustion in my head in order to get things done. Now that I am able to think with a clear head, I am much more relaxed despite being more active than ever! And I get a lot more done, too.

There is absolutely no reason for you to continue living with pain and exhaustion now that you know about this incredible technology. I want you to experience the same benefits that I now enjoy—and to make sure you do, I’m offering you a 10% discount off your first purchase from our store today. Don’t wait another moment—every day without Viz is another day you’re living below your full potential.